K J Auto Spare Parts Trading LLC is a 25 years old wholesale and retail supplier of heavy vehicle’s spare parts with operations in the UAE, Oman and Qatar. They have presence in all the major cities of their countries of operation with nearly 20 warehouses & inventory stores and 100,000+ SKUs with 200+ employees working for them in these locations.

  • Improved supply chain management and fast customer service

  • Managing single point purchase

  • Real time inventory management with cost controls

  • Implement command & controls to avoid physical involvement of management

  • Financial consolidation and MIS reporting

  • Quick reporting and alerts


The customer went through a rigorous and prolonged exercise of software sourcing in order to find a matting solution that fit their enterprise requirements at the best and at the same time match their budget constraints. They found that ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition meets all their selection criteria. The ZEBRAS ERP is a top end ERP application with a very reasonable price structure with high end features of contemporary ERPs in the market.


The centralized purchasing and distribution of inventory across multicurrency business model was the first challenge. ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition has provided all the built-in mechanisms to maintain the inventory without any extra financial impacts.

The logistical issues was second set of challenges that has been addressed by ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition this includes regularization of negative stock, price related business scenarios, efficiency of order processing, transparency of documents and many more. The versatile product search option with end to end transaction histories provided the customer the utmost ease of use.

The information consolidation and on time up-to-date information availability on various aspects of the organization was also a formidable challenge. Before the implementation of ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition, the customer was spending lots of time to produce summary reports through very tedious manual methods. After the implementation of ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition information is at finger tips. The intercompany, interbranch voucher management also met the expectations of the customer.

The application scalability factors were also met by ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition using power of technologies from Microsoft and Oracle together. The ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition easily manages 2+ millions item inventory in a fast and reliable manner. Also it caters 200+ concurrent users in very smooth and fast manner. The web platform brought to very high availability compared to the old legacy system which was in user before the implementation of ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition.

The ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition provides perfect data security to customer with data encapsulation methods and user role definitions. All the user passwords are 256 bit encrypted state. A very extensive data audit log provide all the transparencies required at transaction level. The 5x5 approval work flow definition brought total security to transaction from an investor’s point of view. Being fully paperless ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition provided an eco friendly solution to the customer.


The customer is enjoying the best features, command and controls and security of ZEBRAS ERP Enterprise Edition.

  • Reduced cost of operation

  • High efficiency in operation

  • Alerts and task initiation & deadlines

  • Full transparency with no scope for malpractices

  • High Return On Investment

  • Security, stability and reliability

  • Peace of mind of the investors